The Complete System

December 4th, 2014 Posted by technology No Comment yet

Sometimes, more is more! Our exhaustive simulations highlighted the fact that standard car audio speakers are able to achieve good control of the wave field, but only at low frequencies due to the modal characteristics of the car interior. To achieve personal listening zones over a broader audio bandwidth, it is necessary to introduce additional speakers positioned in closer proximity to the occupants’ heads.

This has been achieved by positioning two small but powerful speakers with micro-speaker technology at each headrest. The active system comprises the headrest speakers and standard car audio speakers to enable modification of the wave field as desired via a specially designed ISZ filter matrix. In addition, our patent-pending directional EDPL headliner speakers, which form a passive system, can cover the majority of the spectral audio range. The conclusion is that a complete system with system, headrest and directional speakers is preferable, as it provides highly satisfactory CTC (Cross Talk Cancellation) covering the entire audio frequency band.

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